We believe that corporate spaces need to reflect their brand personalities.

We specialize in:

  • Design of spaces for interior and exterior environment
  • Environmental Design
  • Wayfinding

We love the power of simplicity and aesthetics in brand communication. Our design language is therefore crafted to lend that very charm to a brand’s physical assets.

our credo

deconstructing spaces
Reinterpreting space by deconstructing it to its constituent parts. That creates wholesome parts that help the brand’s DNA to infuse the larger whole. Thereby the brand is brought alive in an atmosphere that users would love to experience. We help companies and their brand offering personify themselves through a visual language customers identify them by.

Wits Interactive

WITS Interactive is a DesignTech Agency working across digital, print, film and offline media to provide integrated communication strategies to its clientele. The WITS Interactive Group through its divisions; Black Pepper (Exhibitions, Events & Retail Design), terrawits (Spatial & Environmental Design Solutions), GoPhygital (Transcending Realities through Technology) and CreateID8 (Strategic Brand Design Agency) works across the entire spectrum of brand communications right from brand identity development to brand engagement and evolution.

development methodology
corporate social responsibility

terrawits believes in using their Human and Financial resources to build a better society. Hence, we engage in various social projects to help build stronger, enabled communities not just monetarily but with active participation.

go green

With environment issues looming large, the terrawits team has incorporated practices that help keep the environment green. Globally, varied industries are responsible for significant carbon emissions. Therefore, we have adopted series of best practices to help save our environment.

helping shape individuals

We believe all children regardless of their religion or gender have the right to be educated, cared for provided security for. We believe that children who are deprived of basic necessities should be given equal privileges as others.

With this principle in mind, we took the initiative to take care of four girls and provide them with shelter, health care and proper education so that their future is brightened with successful prospects. The four girls are under the refuge of Project CRAYONS (Child Rehabilitation and Youth Oriented Nationwide Services).

We hope this small effort will help them grow into healthy, responsible and educated individuals who in turn will continue the chain of helping people in need.

blood donation camp

The terrawits team donates blood to the Navjivan Blood Bank. This is yet another effort on the part of the team to make a positive impact on the lives of some members of our society.

eye camp

terrawits organized a five-day camp at Rajasthan, wherein over 1000 patients get operated for various eye disorders like cataracts, glaucoma etc.

disaster relief management

During natural disasters, we send large quantities of food, clothing and medicines for the victims of the affected area every quarterly. We provided aid during Mumbai floods, Bhuj earthquake, Uttarakhand floods, Vidharbha and Rajasthan droughts.

computer education

terrawits has donated the complete infrastructure to set up a computer education centre at a municipal school at Valsad district. The education program aids 350 students to learn basic computer skills every year. We also provide faculty to the school whenever required.

web based training for an NGO
  • Save the Children - We have also developed ‘Free of Cost’, an Emergency Communication toolkit for the global NGO – Save the Children. This is a Web based program that will be used by the Save the Children – Emergency Communications Officers to learn the best practices of communication during any emergencies.
  • Accion - ACCION is a global organization, giving people the financial tools they need - microloans, business training and other financial services to work their way out of poverty. The existing values driven workplace course was taught in a classroom format to new hires and the requirement was to create an engaging course for new hires that allows the users to understand the ACCION values and apply them to their daily work life. Web-based delivery also allows ACCION to distribute the course to a far wider global audience than is possible in a classroom scenario. The design and development of this course is part of terrawits.
professional assistance

terrawits makes contribution in kind towards the Bombay Leprosy Project, an organization that aims at eradicating leprosy from the society. The organization’s website was designed, developed and hosted by WITS Interactive at a nominal cost.